Microbial Process

Symbiotic Microbial Association Resource-Recovery Technology (SMARRT) utilizes innovative science and technology to accelerate the composting process using microbes.

The SMARRT process is green-friendly and does not produce harmful green-house gases like methane, ammonia and other harmful gases. The process utlizes computerized programs to control mixture and application of microbes and has embedded computer sensors to monitor the process in order to produce a consistent product.

The SMARRT Story

60 Days of Success

We demonstrated our technology at the Rattlesnake Transfer Station in Bingham county Idaho.  Hundreds of dead animals along with food scraps, green waste, wood, sheetrock, shredded tires, diapers, manure and other organic municipal waste was lined up to exhibit our microbial science.  We worked with Bingham County officials, the state department of environmental quality, the local health district, the state veterinarian and other agencies to conduct our demonstration. At the end of the project we invited the Bingham County Officials, the State agencies and the local community to see the results. The Bingham County public works director was quoted by the local T.V. station saying “Where's the dead animals? I saw it 70 days ago when they put the animals in the piles, now the piles are smaller, and the animals are gone.  It is like a magician show.”

What our demonstration showed, is that our microbial science works; we eliminated odor, we produced no ground water contamination and produced a superior all-natural-soil amendment that is pathogen free, antibiotic free that can be used on farm fields, golf courses, as well as home gardens.