Fifteen Startup Companies to Present at TVC’s 16th Annual Investor Forum

ALBUQUERQUE Fifteen startup companies will present their business cases before investors at the 16th annual Technology Ventures Equity Capital Symposium hosted by Technology Ventures Corporation, May 6-7, in Albuquerque.

The annual forum provides investors throughout the U.S. and abroad the opportunity to invest in companies commercializing cutting-edge technologies developed in the national laboratories, universities and other research institutions.

“In looking back on its accomplishments over sixteen years, TVC is also setting its sights on thefuture and on how it will continue to bridge technology and investment from the DOE labs,” saysSherman McCorkle, President and CEO of TVC. “The abundance of valuable technologies developed at these federal laboratories are outstanding and have great potential in the commercial sector.”

“These presenting companies represent the robustness of the economic communities in our nation. It is proof that the money invested in our national laboratories and universities can contribute to economic growth even in these economically challenging times.”

This year’s presenters were selected from a pool of fifty-two applicants. The fifteen selected are now working with TVC project managers and teams of advisors to refine their business case, further develop their business plan, and package their funding proposal. At the May event, each entrepreneur will have ten minutes on stage to present their company’s business case to the assembled investors.

Within the group of fifteen presenters, nine are commercializing national laboratory or university sourced or related technologies in the areas of alternative energy, energy efficiency, electronics/instrumentation, information technology/software and micro/nanotechnology. Eight presenters are New Mexico-based companies, two are from Idaho, two are from Illinois, one is from California, one is from Colorado, and one is moving to New Mexico from Canada.

According to McCorkle, of the entrepreneurs who have presented at TVC symposia since 1993, one in three TVC Symposium presenters have received funding—an unrivaled record. “We are

A non-profit charitable foundation funded by Lockheed Martin Corporation and the Department of Energy, TVC serves as a bridge between the public and private sectors for the commercialization of technologies. In its sixfteen years since inception, TVC has helped form 100 new businesses, secure over

1.004 billion in funding commitments to its client companies, and create over 12,428 jobs.

Presenting the 2009 Symposium Companies


Oak Brook, IL

Adica has exclusive world-wide distribution rights for an analytical tool that assists the electrical industry and government regulators in assessing short-term operations and long-term investment decisions. Existing sales validate the tool’s effectiveness in evaluating the changing physical, economic and regulatory environments. Adica seeks funding to fully establish its team and ramp up sales.


Chicago, IL

AllCell has developed thermal management solutions for high-power Lithium-ion battery systems for electric bikes, electric scooters and automobiles. The patented phase-change material absorbs heat, preventing catastrophic thermal runaway and effectively doubling the life of lithium cells. AllCell seeks funding to enter a market projected to be $5.5 billion in five years.

Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc.

Santa Fe, NM

Bluenergy Solarwind (BSW), Inc. has patented the Solarwind™ Turbine, which integrates solarand wind energy into a single device that generates electricity in an architecturally attractivedesign. Incorporating management controls, a weather station, and monitoring services, initialtargets are U.S. commercial businesses and real estate developers focused on reducing energycosts and greenhouse emissions. Follow-on renewable energy products will position BSW tocapitalize on the more than $80 billion global market. Funding is sought to completecommercialization, field-testing and market launch.

Erin Adams Design, Inc.

Albuquerque, NM

Erin Adams Design is the leading innovative designer of custom glass mosaic products for high-end commercial and residential interiors, a $980 million market. With three design patentapplications pending, a trademark pending, ten copyrights and strong distribution partners, ErinAdams Design seeks funding to enter the cast glass tile and terrazzo tile market, an industry that

Fluonic, Inc.

Boulder, CO

Fluonic is an early-stage medical device company that is creating a disposable flow sensor for use in medical infusion systems. The patented Sandia National Laboratories-based technology addresses drug event problems estimated by The Institute of Medice to be $6 Billion. The company is initially seeking $1.6 Million to complete customer specific technology demonstration.

Good Earth Bio-Solutions, L.L.C.

Idaho Falls, ID

Good Earth Bio-Solutions, is an environmental green-friendly company that utilizes a successfuland proven science to quickly turn organic municipal solid waste into nutrient rich compost. Good Earth's technology is designed to meet the growing need to divert landfill waste-streams, a $12 billion a year market with an average annual growth rate of 7 percent. Funding is sought to build ten Resource Recovery Sites over the next five years.

H2S Technologies

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

H2S Technologies has improved upon, and is commercializing technology originally developed at Argonne National Laboratory that will eliminate or substantially reduce sulfur emissions and increase natural gas production. Industry players have expressed considerable interest in exploring the use of the technology in their operations. H2S seeks funding to build the first production facility.

Infinica, Inc.

Albuquerque, NM

Infinica’s patent-pending EnerPakcombines energy-harvesting, energy-storage and power-management technology to convert energy from ambient light, heat, and vibration into electricalenergy to provide endless power for networks of wireless sensors. EnerPakTM has been successfully tested by a utility company, and shown to reduce the cost of ownership of sensorsystems in a broad range of environmental conditions. Infinica was launched with a seed round of funding and now seeks further equity investment to meet the growing wireless sensoropportunity, projected to be 42 million units in 2013.

InLight Solutions

Albuquerque, NM

InLight Solutions is developing a convenient, non-invasive blood glucose measurement device designed to eliminate the painful needle pricks experienced by diabetics. InLight’s patented solution will remove the primary barrier to diabetes management, an $8B market with a

Suyra Skincare

Los Alamos, NM

Lead by four recent Anderson School MBA graduates, Suyra Skincare has developed an optically-transparent sunscreen that gives complete protection against cancer causing UVA and UVB radiation. Based on patent-pending nanotechnology from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the spa-quality suncare product promises to become a disruptive force in the $1.1B sunscreen industry.

Track Metrix

Rigby, ID

Track Metrix equipment and software provides reliable, efficient, affordable, continuous, andreal-time tracking and monitoring of very large numbers of objects anywhere in the world. Bycombining Track Metrix technologies with off-the-shelf RFID and Sensor components, inconjunction with power miser electronics, we have overcome the power, communication,function and bandwidth limitations of existing systems.

TruTouch Technologies

Albuquerque, NM

TruTouch Technologies has commercialized a convenient, non-invasive alcoholmeasurement device, validated with sales into criminal justice markets. Thepatented technology negates the need for obtaining and processing blood,breath or urine samples. TruTouch is now seeking funding to develop andlaunch the second generation product, targeting the $500 billion transportationsafety market and directly related industrial and commercial vehicleapplications. The TruTouch solution will be a significant contributor totackling the drunk driving problem.


Placitas, NM

A company established to produce wind energy conversion systems based on vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) technology for distributed electric power generation and microgrids to be used by industrial parks, farms and small rural communities.

Vital Alert Communication Inc.

Albuquerque, NM

Vital Alert is the exclusive licensee of patented through-the-earth communications technologydeveloped by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Targeted applications include missioncritical communication systems for security, rescue, early-warning and survivability, a largemarket experiencing double digit growth. Several large industry players have already expressed

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Mojave, CA

XCOR develops, builds, tests and sells reusable rocket-powered vehicles, rocket propulsion systems and rocket engines to serve the markets for suborbital and low-Earth orbit (LEO) space flight and satellite launch.

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