What is Good Earth Bio-Solutions...

Good Earth Bio-Solutions recycles organic municipal waste turning it into a nutrient-rich soil amendment, while protecting the environment from harmful greenhouse gases.

Microbial Science

Good Earth Bio-Solutions’ microbial science utilizes a proprietary method to culture a distinct blend of microbes, molds and enzymes for the rapid decomposition of organic material. The end result of our microbial science is the solution for the waste industry, eliminating odor and water contamination, and extending the usable life of landfills.

Soil Amendment

Our soil amendment is a soil building agent that significantly increases the nutrient uptake of micro and macro nutrients, is rich in humates, increases moisture retention and is pathogen free and free of harmful antibiotics. The Soil amendment can be used on farm fields, on golf courses, flower beds, and in home gardens. It is safe, natural and environmentally safe .