Each year the United State sends more than 430 million tons of municipal waste to our nation’s landfills. Over the past decade 22% of our nation’s landfills have closed, and this year the average landfill will pay more than 2 million in environmental fines and penalties.  But what if we could reverse these trends by diverting up to 70% of the waste entering our nation’s landfills and extend the usable life of the landfill? What if we could take the very things that are causing the most harmful greenhouse gases and causing the water contamination and turn it in to a valuable nutrient-rich soil amendment?  That’s exactly what Good Earth Bio-Solutions provides to the waste industry. 
Good Earth Bio-Solutions provides the waste industry with an alternative, saving landfill space, avoiding costly fines and penalties, lowering their overhead operating cost, all while keeping the municipal waste industry profitable.  The end-result is our microbial science solves the waste industries most plaguing problems of odor, water contamination, fines and penalties, shrinking landfill space and governmental mandates for waste diversion.

The municipal solid waste industry in the United States is under tremendous pressure from governments and society to divert significant amounts of waste from the nation’s landfills.  Good Earth Bio-Solutions uses its own proprietary microbial process that quickly and efficiently turns organic waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment; thus keeping landfill operators in compliance with regulations and mandates, avoiding costly fines and penalties, reducing greenhouse gases, producing a soil amendment and saving significant landfill space for future revenue.