Bingham County Rattle Snake Transfer Landfill

The demonstration was conducted in coordination with State and Local government agencies. These agencies included the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Idaho Department of Health and officials of Bingham County.

Specifically, Good Earth Bio-Solutions demonstrated the ability to bio-remediate animal carcasses in cooperation with the Idaho State Veterinarian Association; the elimination of odors, methane and other harmful green-house gases, and ground water contaminating leachate with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality; the elimination of pathogens, antibiotics and antiseptics with the Idaho Department of Health; and demonstrated excellent landfill conservation management with the officials of Bingham County by simply bio-remediating most of the trash that the landfill normally buries or burns.

Good Earth Bio-Solutions bio-remediated (composted) landfill feedstock included: 300 animal cattle, dairy cattle, dogs, cats, calves, foals, goats, labs, a road-kill skunk, pheasant, racooons, pigs, and a rat were composted whole (as they were received). Along with the carcasses were acoustic ceiling tile; food scraps (melon rinds, fruit pits and peels); grass clippings old hay and weeds; paper (newspapers, magazines, catalogs, paper dishes); diapers; worn-out clothing; plastics (polystrene packing peanuts, grocery bags); tires; and other miscellaneous items (all intact, un-shredded).